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Of Authorship and Originality
Robe and petticoat, Sack back gown, Dress, France, 1775-1780, copyright  V & A
Memory at War
The Assembly Project
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Rhythm Changes: Willem Breuker and Han Bennink
Arctic Encounters
Travelling Texts 1790-1914

Welcome to HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area

HERA supports 18 transnational research teams from across Europe as part of its third joint research programme - Uses of the Past.



The HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) network along with the European Commission is investing €21 million in 18 transnational European research teams as part of its third joint research programme (JRP) Uses of the Past. Announced in 2015, the JRP attracted 605 Outline Proposals from transnational consortia consisting of researchers from four or more participating countries. An international panel of experts selected 100 consortia to submit a Full Proposal and the HERA Network is now finalising negotiations with 18 innovative research projects. For full details of these projects.

The Uses of the Past projects involve 18 Project Leaders; 62 Principal Investigators; 106 postdoctoral fellows; 30 PhD students and 76 associated partners. These projects will be funded for a maximum duration of three years (2016-2019). The theme Uses of the Past recognises that in order to understand the pressing societal questions of identity, integration, political legitimacy, creativity and cultural dynamics across Europe we need to understand how societies use and reflect upon the past. It examines which historically- informed ideas and actions in society are promoted, mobilised and legitimised, and identifies the mechanisms and motives t h a t lie behind the work of historical understanding. The 18 funded projects deal with a variety of subjects ranging from the Carolingian world, identity and citizenship, HIV/AIDS, to economics, arts, religion and languages.

The HERA partnership consists of 24 European research funding organisations from 23 countries, who are committed to the continued growth and development of collaborative and transnational humanities research across Europe. These organisations include Austria (FWF), Belgium (F.R.S-FNRS; FWO), Croatia (HAZU), Czech Republic (CAS), Denmark (DASTI), Estonia (ETAg), Finland (AKA), Germany (BMBF via DLR-PT), Iceland (RANNĺS), Ireland (IRC), Italy (CNR), Latvia (VIAA), Lithuania (LMT), Luxembourg (FNR), Netherlands (NWO), Norway (RCN), Poland (NCN), Portugal (FCT), Slovenia (MIZS), Spain (MINECO), Sweden (VR), Switzerland (SNF) and the United Kingdom (AHRC).

The European Commission is providing top-up funding via an ERA-NET Cofund grant to the HERA joint research programmes. The Irish Research Council is the Handling Agency for the management of the Uses of the Past programme. The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) managed the application and selection process. The HERA Network will officially launch the successful projects on 15th September 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic.

For full press release on Uses of the Past click here