Dr Hilde Nielssen

Research Officer
LLE, University of Bergen
N-5007 Parkvei 20 Bergen Norway

 PhotoCLEC Research Officer on the Norwegian project "Foreign and Home Images of Unacknowledged Colonial Legacies", and  Researcher, Institute for Linguistic. Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen.  She undertook her PhD studies in Madagascar, working on ritual theory, ritual aesthetics and spirit possession. 

Research Interests: 

Ritual theory, ritual aesthetics, spirit possession in Madagascar, anthropological museology and material culture, missionary ethnography and the Nordic culture of colonialism.


 2011. Ritual Imagination. Tromba possession among the Betsimisaraka of Eastern Madagascar. Studies of Religion in Africa. Brill Publications. (Forthcoming).

2008. Til Jordens ender. Fortellinger om norsk misjon (To the ends of the world. Stories on the Norwegian mission). Editor and Introduction to Bergen: Bergen Museum Publications.

2008.  “Kom over og hjelp oss (Come and help us)”, Nielssen, Hilde & Karina Hestad Skeie, in Til Jordens ender. Fortellinger om norsk misjon. Bergen: Bergen Museum Publications.

2008. ”Jeg tillader mig at sende en gasserbylt" (I permit myself to send a bundle of Malagasy things)” in Til Jordens ender. Fortellinger om norsk misjon. Bergen: Bergen Museum Publications.

2007. ”Til Jordens Ender. Om hvordan verden ble brakt til Norge og omvendt på etnografiske utstillinger i misjonsregi.” (To the ends of the world: How the world was brought to Norway and vice versa through mission exhibitions.Norsk antropologisk tidsskrift (Norwegian Anthropological Review) 18(3-4): 196-216.

2007. “From Norway to the Ends of the World: Missionary Contributions to Norwegian Images of ‘Self’ and ‘Other’.” In Encountering Foreign Worlds – Experiences at Home and Abroad. Reykjavik: University of Iceland Press.   

Project Title: