Dr. Pamela Pattynama

Research Officer
VU University Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 6227543

 Pamela Pattynama is Research Officer on PhotoCLEC IP “Indies Images of the Colonial Everyday in a Multi-ethnic Postcolonial Society”. She is seconded from her post of Indisch Huis Professor of Colonial and Postcolonial Literature and Culture History, in which she specialises in the Dutch East Indies. She also teaches film studies and literary studies at the University of Amsterdam. She has published widely on (post)colonial discourse and the representation of gender and mixed race in Dutch (post-)colonial films and literature. Another focal point in her research is the formation of identities and memory in migrant communities. She is currently working on a book on postcolonialism and cultural memory in literature, photography and film.


Research Interests: 

 Research Interests: Cultural memory, post-colonial literature, colonial film and the representation of gender and mixed race.

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