• HERA-CARIB: Transforming Archaeology into a Vibrant Legacy   By Prof Corinne Hofman & Dr Jimmy Mans   In our HERA-CARIB project we examined the transformations of the indigenous-Caribbean communities of the Lesser Antilles... more
    maria , 14/03/17
  •   Dr. Sowa, why do we need an instrument such as HERA to promote research in the humanities at European level?   With 24 organisations in 23 countries, HERA is now a key funding instrument for the humanities at the... more
    maria , 06/03/17
  • Making a sharp turn to the right, the plane dipped its wing and I caught my first glimpse of the River Vltava. I felt a wall of sound overwhelming me: Smetana’s Ma Vlast thundering inside my head and suddenly I was aware that after decades of... more
    maria , 01/03/17
  • Managing a successful HERA project: The ENTRANS experience After a packed three years, the ENTRANS (Encounters and Transformations in Iron Age Europe) Project came to an end last November. HERA-funding had given us the chance to develop a major... more
    maria , 15/02/17
  • Dr. Caroline Mitchell. Senior lecturer in Radio at the University of Sunderland, UK February 10th 2017. I’m travelling from Sunderland to London to talk about the HERA funded Transnational Radio Encounters (TRE) Project at a ‘World Radio Day’... more
    maria , 14/02/17
  • HERA_JRP_CE_Overview_Brochure_Sep_2013
    aennis , 20/11/14
  • In my final blog, as a non-academic visitor to the HERA event in Dubrovnik, I’d like to explore the notion of “knowledge exchange”. This was the topic of the panel I chaired, but it also seemed to shadow many of the discussions and presentations I... more
    Pat Kane , 10/10/14
  • If there’s one thing that a reporting writer knows, it’s that being fully present at an event is always better than sitting at a desk, sifting through sources, links and bios. Shoe leather expended always beats PDFs downloaded. So one of the... more
    Pat Kane , 08/10/14
  •   By Pat Kane It was a privilege to sit in the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel on Monday 1st October, and hear the list of approved projects for the Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA), under the title “Cultural Encounters”.... more
    Pat Kane , 07/10/14
  • Great to be getting back some responses to “Citizen Kane’s” questions, posed to those making up the conference panels at HERA  ”Cultural Encounters” in Dubrovnik (the full conference agenda is here, and the summaries of the research themes... more
    Pat Kane , 30/09/14


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