Sven Meeder, Participant

post-doctoral researcher
University of Utrecht
Janskerkhof 13, Janskerkhof 13
+31 6 43946561
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Date/Place of birth:

  • 28-01-1978, Vianen (the Netherlands)
  • 2006-2010        PhD-degree Medieval History, University of Cambridge
  •                             Supervisor: Prof. Rosamond McKitterick
  • PhD-thesis: The spread and reception of Hiberno-Latin scholarship on the Continent in the eighth and ninth centuries
  • 2005-2006        MPhil-degree Medieval History, University of Cambridge (distinguished performance)
  •                             MPhil-thesis: The spread and reception of the Collectio canonum Hibernensis on the Continent before the tenth century
  • 1998-2003        MA-degree Celtic Studiesfrom the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands (including study at the National University of Ireland, Galway, in 2001
  • 1997-2003        MA-degree (with honours) History from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specialisation Medieval History
  • MA-thesis: ‘Huisque in calicem’ (Water in the chalice): Liturgy and society in the early medieval Irish Stowe Missal
Professional career:
  • 2009-2010        Teacher of Latin at Haarlemmermeerlyceum, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands
  • 2009                   Teacher of Latin and Greek at Alkwin Kollege, Uithoorn, the Netherlands
  • 2007-2008        Supervisor undergraduate paper 4 (Part I) at the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic ‘The Gaelic-speaking peoples from the fourth century to the twelfth’, University of Cambridge.
  • 2007                   Teaching assistant to Dr Teresa Webber forCodicology paper for MPhil course Medieval History, Department of History, University of Cambridge.
  • -                          Teacher of Latin and Antique Culture at Alkwin Kollege, Uithoorn, the Netherlands.
  • 2005                   Research assistant to Dr Bart Jaski on the project: ‘Immurgu: Insular Medieval Manuscripts Reproduction Guide University of Utrecht’.
Grants, honours etc:
  • 2005-2010        Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge (under External Research Studentship).
  • 2005-2010        Honorary Scholar of the Cambridge European Trust (including Cambridge European Trust Book Prize for 2005-2008).
  • 2005-2008        Everhard Verheyden Dutch Prize, Trinity College, Cambridge (awarded on 3 occasions)
  • 2007                   Gaillard Lapsley Essay Prize (Trinity College, Cambridge) for the essay ‘Unity and diversity in the Carolingian reform efforts: a reassessment of the aims’.
  • 2005      Blackwell-Early Medieval Europe Essay Prize for volume 13, for the article ‘The early Irish Stowe Missal’s destination and function’.
Research Interests: 

Scholarship and education in the early Middle Ages; Medieval palaeography and codicology; Cultural and intellectual interplay between the British Isles and the European mainland; Celtic History; Liturgy and society

  • Meeder, Sven, ‘The Irish foundations and the Carolingian world’, Settimane di Studio del Centro Italiano di Studi sull’Alto Medioevo 57 (2010), pp. 467-93.
  • Meeder, Sven, ‘The Liber ex lege Moysi: notes and text’, Journal of Medieval Latin 19 (2009), pp. 173-218.
  • Meeder, Sven, ‘Defining doctrine in the Carolingian period: The contents and context of Cambridge, Pembroke College, MS 108’, Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 13/2 (2005 – published 2008), pp. 133-51.
  • Meeder, Sven, ‘The early Irish Stowe Missal’s destination and function’, Early Medieval Europe 13 (2005), pp. 179-94.
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