Currents of Faith, Places of History: Connections, Moral Circumscriptions and World-Making in the Atlantic Space (CURRENTS)

Project Participants

The Joint Research Programme Currents of Faith, Places of History brings together a multidisciplinary team of scholars who share a concern for religion, mobility, place and heritage in the Atlantic space. Our goal is to rethink creatively theories of Atlantic history by focus- ing on ‘religious diasporas’ via three main concepts: ideas of ‘connections’, ‘moral circumscriptions’ and ‘world-making’. Through a partnership between in- stitutions in Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK, we have brought together a team of senior and junior scholars who will develop a network of research themes across the Atlantic space, combining concepts and methodologies springing from social anthropology, history and religious studies. We engage in an interdis- ciplinary collaboration so as to synthesise an empirical ethnographic methodology with a historical approach, exploring ‘meaningful histories’ in their cultural and religious manifestations. We chart historical direction- alities (or ‘currents’) between Europe (Netherlands, Portugal), Africa (Angola, RD Congo, Ghana, Guinea- Conakry), North and South America (USA, Cuba, the Caribbean, Brazil, Peru) and distinguish contemporary logics of presence, by which certain territories become ‘heritagised’ and thus more socially and politically meaningful than others. In so doing, we question poli- tics of identity and heritage, mobility and memory, as well as Europe’s place in the Atlantic world.