The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript: Text Collections from a European Perspective (DynamicsoftheMedievalManuscript)

Project Participants

This cross-European research project plans to study the dynamics of a number of late-medieval Dutch, English, French and German miscellany manuscripts, focusing on the highly mobile short verse narratives they contain. Characterized by the migration of works from one manuscript context to another, this cultural phenomenon is ideally suited to the HERA JRP theme 'Cultural Dynamics'. In each unique, newly formed text collection new meanings are generated, enabling us to understand the cultural identity of the compiler or commissioner of a manuscript and to investigate how cultural, social and moral heritage is conveyed to new generations. Our comparative, multilingual approach will make it possible to determine trans-European characteristics in the organisation of text collections and to analyse how new author and reader identities are created.

Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript