ELMCIP: Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice

Project Participants

Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice (ELMCIP) is a 3-year collaborative research project running from 2010-2013, funded by the Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) JRP for Creativity and Innovation.

ELMCIP project objectives
¤ Understand how creative communities form and interact through distributed media
¤ Document and evaluate various models and forces of creative commuities in the field of electronic literature
¤ Examine how electronic literature communities benefit from current educational models and develop pedagogical tool.
¤ Study how electronic literature manifests in conventional cultural contexts and evaluate the effects of distributing and exhibiting e-lit in such contexts.
ELMCIP involves seven European academic research partners and one non-academic partner who will investigate how creative communities of practitioners form within a transnational and transcultural context in a globalized and distributed communication environment. Focusing on the electronic literature community in Europe as a model of networked creativity and innovation in practice, ELMCIP is intended both to study the formation and interactions of that community and also to further electronic literature research and practice in Europe.

Each ELMCIP partner is responsible for an individual project
resulting in the overall outcome of:
¤ A series of case studies and research papers for publications and conferences
¤ A series of public seminars at several locations in Europe
¤ An online knowledge base with materials from seminars, project information and an extensive bibliographic record of e-lit works
¤ A pedagogy workshop and anthology - resulting in extensive documentation, presented as an accessible website and DVD-ROM
¤ An international conference
¤ A public exhibition of electronic literature artworks and performances
¤ Openly distributed publications (conference proceedings, exhibition catalog, project documentation and a DVD anthology of e-lit works
Partners and individual projects
The University of Bergen [Norway]
Project leader: Scott Rettberg [Associate Professor of Digital Culture]
Co-investigator: Jill Walker Rettberg [Associate Professor of Digital Culture]
Individual project
¤ Overall project administration
¤ Building the online knowledge base
¤ Fall 2010: Seminar on Electronic Literature Communities
¤ Final report
The Edinburgh College of Art [Scotland]
Principal investigator: Simon Biggs [Professor, artist, writer and curator]
Co-investigator: Penny Travlou [Post-doctoral Researcher]
Individual project
¤ Ethnographic study of networked creative communities
¤ November 2012: Project conference and exhibition
Blekinge Institute of Technology [Sweden]
Principal investigator: Maria Engberg [Associate Professor of English and Digital Media]
Co-investigator: Talan Memmott [Associate Professor of English and Digital Media]
Individual project
¤ Research on pedagogical models and electronic literature anthologies
¤ June 2011: Workshop on electronic literature in education
¤ Autumn 2012: Production of DVD anthology on European electronic literature
The University of Amsterdam [Netherlands]
Principal investigator: Yra Van Dijk [Assistant Professor of Modern Dutch Literature]
Individual project
¤ December 2011: Seminar on Digital Poetics and Present
¤ Research and publications on poetics of electronic literature
The University of Ljubljana [Slovenia]
Principal investigator: Janez Strechovec [Associate Professor of New Media Theory]
Individual project
¤ September 2011: Seminar on New Media Histories
¤ Research on new media specificity of electronic literature
The University of Jyväskylä [Finland]
Principal investigator: Raine Koskimaa [Professor of Digital Culture/Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities]
Individual project
¤ Electronic Literature Publishing survey
¤ Spring 2011: Seminar on Electronic Literature Publishing and other venues
University College Falmouth at Dartington [England]
Principal investigator: Jerome Fletcher [Senior Lecturer in Writing]
Individual project
¤ Survey of performance contexts
¤ Spring 2012: Seminar on Digital Textuality with/in Performance
¤ Winter 2012: Curate and exhibit performance works at project conference
New Media Scotland
Mark Daniels [Executive Director]
¤ Collaboration with Edinburgh College of Art and University College Falmouth to realize the exhibition and performance program at the project conference in Edinburgh winter 2012.
Tasks include: Co-curation, coordination and management of exhibition opening event, and maintenance of artworks and the exhibition space for the during of the exhibition (2 weeks)

Associated Partners: