HERA Era-Net: 2004-2009 Workplan

Over a period of five years (2004-2009) the HERA network was supported by the EU Framework Programme 6's ERA-Net scheme. The first task of the HERA Era-Net was to consolidate the network by establishing new network structures and integrating new partners. By exchanging information and best practice on issues such as national and international peer review, programme management, quality and impact assessment, and benchmarking the HERA Era-net aimed to ensure the highest excellence in nationally funded research as well as research conducted within the framework of the Network's activities. For the benefit of research in the humanities, the accessibility and availability of data and information in the widest sense were and are priorities of the HERA agenda. The ultimate objective of the HERA Era-Net has been to coordinate research programmes in a cumulative process leading to the initiation of two joint research-funding initiatives.

The tasks of the HERA Era-Net were divided into 9 work packages:

  • WP1 Management
  • WP2 Communication and dissemination
  • WP3 Exchange of information – Surveys in best practices
  • WP4 Quality and impact assessment
  • WP5 HERA Conferences
  • WP6 Thematic reports
  • WP7 Research infrastructures
  • WP8 Cooperation on parallel research programmes
  • WP9 Joint research-funding initiatives

The work plan reflected a logical progression by way of a step-by-step approach towards the implementation of joint research programmes. To see the full work plan: HERA Description of Work

HERA Era-Net deliverables: 

 HERA deliverables: