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Joint Research Programme III ‘Uses of the Past’ Full Proposals Documentation Available

HERA JRP UP Full Proposal Phase

HERA JRP UP Full Proposals can only be submitted by applicants who have been selected by the HERA JRP UP Board during the Outline Proposal Phase, and who have been invited by the HERA JRP UP Handling Agency. Full Proposals must be submitted by Project Leaders via the online application form before the deadline of Thursday, 8 October 2015, 14:00 CEST (Brussels local time).

Please carefully read all documents and make sure to use the application template (Word) and budget template (Excel) to prepare the Full Proposal. Note that all documents have been updated for the Full Proposal phase and must be checked again.

Both the PL and the PIs in the consortium are advised to check the relevant National Eligibility Requirements, as those provide important updated information on how to fill out the budget tables, statements of PI institutions, letters of commitment, etc.

If needed, please contact the National Contact Point(s) or HERA JRP Handling Agency well before the submission deadline, in order to allow sufficient time to check and correct your application.

'Uses of the Past' Downloads: Updated 10 July 2015

HERA JRP UP Guidelines for Applicants - Full Proposals

HERA JRP UP FAQ_Full Proposal

HERA JRP UP_Full Proposal Template (Word)

HERA JRP UP_Full Proposal Budget Table (Excel)

HERA JRP UP General and National Eligibility Requirements

HERA JRP UP Glossary Final Version

HERA JRP UP Keywords

For queries please contact your 'Uses of the Past' National Contact Point 

Submitting the Full Proposal

The application must be uploaded as one PDF document and must be submitted before the deadline.

Full Proposals must be submitted via the online submission system Iris, hosted by NWO (HERA JRP UP Handling Agency). The system will be open for submission as of August 3, 2015. The link to the submission system and instructions on how to register, upload, and submit will be published in due time.

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) acts as the handling agency for the application and selection process. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the HERA Handling Agency at hera@nwo.nl.

Funding is provided from HERA partners and The European Union is providing top-up funding via a COFUND grant to the HERA JRP UP initiative.


Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreement (CA) is a legally binding settlement used by the parties of the HERA JRP Collaborative Research Projects. The parties in each CRP have to agree on the terms and conditions that best suit their interests and submit a signed CA as part of the contractual requirements of the Programme. The CA content is the sole responsibility of the HERA JRP CRPs.

Nonetheless, the HERA JRP Handling Agency does provide an example of a (non-binding) contractual framework aiming at assisting applicants to identify as early as possible issues that may arise during the project and that should be governed by a CA. This example of a CA is based on the DESCA 3.0 model* http://www.desca-2020.eu/ and the previous experience of the CRPs under the HERA JRP-I & II. Other CA models may be used if they serve the specific needs of the parties better. 

Joint Research Programme II ‘Cultural Encounters’


Joint Research Programmes 2&3 'Cultural Encounters' and 'Uses of the Past'

Launch/Close Conference

Both the Final Conference for HERA JRP2 Cultural Encounters and the Launch Conference of JRP3 Uses of the Past was held in the Brevnov Monastery, Prague on 15th-16th September 2016.

This video can be downloaded here.

Background and Objectives

In 2016, the HERA network closed JRP 2 Cultural Encounters and launched JRP 3 Uses of the Past. A total of 36 humanities projects gathered at the Brevnov Monastery in Prague to showcase their research. The launch/close conference provided an opportunity for researchers and project stakeholders to meet, share experiences and discuss the outcomes of the Cultural Encounters Programme and the launch of Uses of the Past.

Joint Research Programme I ‘Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation’ & ‘Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity’

Final Conference and Humanities Festival


The Final Conference of the HERA Joint Research Programme was held in the British Libray, London on 30 May 2013. It was followed by the Humanities Festival “The Time and The Place” on 31 May – 1 June.
Running time: 7mn   -   File size: 112 mB


Running time: 4 mn - File size: 74 mB

Background and Objectives

In 2009, the HERA Network launched the first Joint Research Programme (HERA JRP) for two themes “Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity” and “Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation”. Nineteen transnational humanities projects were funded as a result of the competitive call for proposals. 
The Final Conference provided the opportunity for the project members, the funders and invited stakeholders to discuss the outcome of the HERA JRP programme. Following the conference, a two-day HERA JRP Humanities Festival “The Time and The Place” took place. The festival programme included project showcases, concerts and exhibitions.


Thursday 30 May   

9.30 - 18.00 Final Conference - British Library    
20.00  Concert Hungarian ensemble Budapest bar - Kings Place, Hall One   

Friday 31 May   

12.00 – 15.30 Closed session for HERA JRP project members “Cultural Dynamics and Creativity in Digital Europe” - Kings College    
18.15 -19.30 Public Debate Does research matter? The Public Value of the Humanities - Kings Place    
15.00 - 20.00 Paul Floyd Blake exhibition - Kings Place    
20.00  Concert Soweto Kinch - Kings Place, Hall One   
20.00  Concert Fraser Fifield & Paul Hoxbro - Kings Place, Hall Two   

Saturday 1 June   

09.00 - 17.00 Showcase sessions - Kings Place    
20.00  Concert Mari Boine - Kings Place, Hall One    
20.00  Concert Gianluigi Trovesi & Gianni Coscia - Kings Place, Hall Two

The detailed programme of the Final Conference (British Library, 30 May) can be uploaded here.

A map with the 2 venues (British Library and Kings Place) can be downloaded here.

For more information on the closed session "Cultural Dynamics and Creativity in Digital Europe" (King's College, 31 May), please go to:

For more information on the festival "The Time and The Place" (Kings Place, 30 May-1 June), please go to:http://www.kingsplace.co.uk/whats-on-book-tickets/curated-weeks/the-time... 

Practical information

For HERA JRP Project members

Please note that no hotel booking was made. Please organise your own travel and accommodation arrangements. You are welcome to join lunches provided at the Conference and Festival.

All expenses (accommodation and travel costs) related to the attendance of Project members to the HERA JRP Final Conference must be covered by the CRP budgets. Please contact your Project Leader for more information.

The following costs can be covered by the Handling Agency for a maximum of 4 people per CRP:
You can request reimbursement to the Handling Agency to cover up to:
- two additional hotel nights maximum (31 May and 1st June)  in order to attend the Festival. Accommodation (max. 130 € per night) and meals (max. 21 € per meal) will be reimbursed in accordance with the ESF rules of reimbursement that can be found on the back of the ESF Travel Claim Form
- three concerts (max. £ 51 in total) per person. Don't forget to mention the promo code when purchasing your tickets.

In order to reduce costs, project members are advised to share rooms. Please indicate your room mate when sending back your reimbursement claim.

For other invitees

For reimbursement modalities, please refer to the invitation email that was sent to you.



For further information about the Conference, please contact Julia Boman at the HERA Handling Agency at hera[at]esf.org.
For further information about the Festival, please contact the Festival organiser Tony Whyton at T.Whyton[at]salford.ac.uk