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Call for Papers - LGBTQ HERITAGE


Call for Papers for Change Over Time: An International Journal of Conservation and the Built Environment



The Spring 2019 issue of Change Over Time, published in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, will explore questions related to LGBTQ cultural heritage: What are the challenges in identifying an often invisible and, at times, transient and denied history? How can historians and preservationists ensure for diverse representation of LGBTQ communities? How does one address significance and architectural integrity when recognizing LGBTQ sites that are often architecturally undistinguished and frequently altered?


We welcome contributions from US and international contexts on a range of topics: researching and documenting LGBTQ place-based sites; exploring rural, urban, and suburban LGBTQ narratives; approaches for categorization of resource types and cultural significance; challenges related to official recognition of LGBTQ-related sites; and solutions for interpretation and educational opportunities.


Submissions may include case studies, theoretical explorations, evaluations of current practices, or presentations of arts- or web-based projects related to LGBTQ cultural heritage.


  • Call for Papers circulates, with abstracts of 200-300 words due 5 January 2018.
  • Contributors selected for provisional inclusion contacted by 19 January 2018.
  • Final manuscript submissions of 7,500 or fewer words due mid May 2018.


See Author Guidelines and additional details at


Please send your questions and/or abstract of 200-300 words by 5 January 2018 to Senior Associate Editor, Kecia Fong at