Online partner search tool

NEW : Online Partner Search tool now available !!!

In order for researchers to find partners in other countries, a mailing list has been set up so that researchers can subscribe to receive requests for partners, and post requests themselves.
In order to use this service, please follow this link:
1.      You will first have to subscribe
2.      You can then click on ‘post new message’ to send a message to the subscription list. Please follow the format below in the core of your message:
Looking for partners in (add country):
Title/Topic of Proposed Project:
Short Description of Subject/topic of proposed project, and areas of expertise required if appropriate (max 200 words):
We ask that you follow the format suggested on the link above to make it easier for subscribers to quickly see if a request is relevant to them.
We recommend subscribing immediately if interested, but waiting a couple of days before posting your partner search in order to give all countries time to distribute this email to their networks. 

Please note that the posts are not moderated, so you still need to ensure fit to the Uses of the Past call, eligibility etc. 


If you wish to respond to a specific subscriber’s post, please use the subscriber’s email address rather than posting to the whole group.