Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities (Rhythm Changes)

Project Participants

Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities is a three-year transnational interdisciplinary research project which examines the inherited traditions and practices of European jazz cultures in five countries, developing new insights into cultural exchanges and dynamics between different countries, groups and related media. Five work packages will tie directly into the theme of Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity, and will serve to develop a broader understanding of the relationship between canonicity,tradition and myth, community and identity.
In moving beyond the state-of-the art, Rhythm Changes will:

Investigate the concepts of national thought and identity in jazz using international comparison.
Collate jazz-related data, including relevant research, performance projects, interviews, and cultural policies, from five key countries in Europe, and from various dis- ciplines, and will move from specialist analysis towards interdisciplinary and transnational synthesis.
Study national identities, representations and stereotypes in jazz, and how the rhetoric of national character thematises the situatedness of nations amidst their neighbours as a formative experience.
Examine the interaction between cultural memory, arts and tourism by showing how jazz venues and festivals preserve, reflect and inform a sense of cultural memory.
Further pan-European humanities research by establishing networks that encourage transnational co-operation, collaborations and the work of early career researchers
Implement a programme of targeted dissemination activities which communicate findings to a transnational audience of relevant policy makers, academia and the public.
A core team of 13 researchers, comprising of leading experts in the research fields of Musicology, Cultural Studies, American Studies, New Media and Music Industries, Improvisation and Performance Practice, will employ a variety of methodologies to deliver a range of high impact outputs which will transform the landscape of European jazz research.

Rhythm Changes