Technology, Exchange and Flow: Artistic Media Practices & Commercial Application (TEF)

Project Participants


The project will explore the relationship between creativity and innovation within the contemporary European media sector. The project asks how traffic between cultural forms in Europe, such as industrial film and new media arts on the one hand, and commercial exploitation of audiovisual media on the other hand, is radically transformed at key moments. As such it is intended to prepare the way for thinking about new media environments when the distinctions between kinds of producers and the consumer and the producer are no longer valid or viable distinctions. The project brings together three expert teams and two significant archives in a research partnership which focuses on three distinct European examples of artistic practices and their commercial applications: early advertising and experimental film at a moment when the technologies of production become more widely available, post-war industrial films & early television commercials, and finally the emerging category of prosumers in contemporary distributive media consequent on games culture.

The project examines the connections between the arts and their application from a Pan-European perspective by combining philosophical, historical, and practice-based approaches. The crucial question is how can we understand the relationship between commercial applications and implementation of artistic media practices in Europe? Is it determined by technological opportunity? Or the exchange between artists, producers and consumers? Or an interweaving of cultural and media formats (film, video, internet) which carry reproductive and distributive possibility? The project findings will be presented in publications, symposia and conferences culminating in a major public exhibition using gaming feedback strategies. The project will contribute widely applicable conclusions concerning creativity and innovation relevant to the burgeoning globalisation of media cultures.

Associated Partners: 

Mark-Paul Meyer

Eye Film Institute, Netherlands

Bas Agterberg

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision